12 Impressive Minimal Creative Logo Design Examples

If you want your Business to succeed and standout in today’s cut throat competition , You must Get a new Creative Logo design for your Business.

All Business Ideas the cool awesome product or service you have is of no use if there is no one interested in your business or they don’t recognize it at all.

There are dozens of new startups announcing there services and dispersing into the crowd with no one even remembering that they existed at all , WHY?

They Did’t Have a Brand , Their Business had no Face , No identity of its own ..

Your Startup idea should have its own Branding , an identity and it should stand out of the competition so people who saw or hear about it they at once memorize it .

People tend to remember things when they have a problem , if your startup solves a problem they must have a special name popup in their mind and that’s how Branding Works .

Take a Good look at the followingImpressive Minimal Creative Logo Design ExamplesThese are some great examples of Branding . You can see the logos are very minimal clean and professional , Yet they are sharp and leave a permanent mark once you see them.

These Logo designs are a great Example and source of inspiration for designers looking for corporate logo design examples and also the Guys who are planning to launch a startup of their own.

Lydia Solutions -Secure mobile payments application(Paris, France)

creative corporate logo design

Rehancaden -Premium clothing brand (Sydney, Australia)

creative corporate logo design1


Bright North
creative corporate logo design2

Mojn International– Email marketing solutions (Copenhagen, Denmark)

creative corporate logo design4

Wunderpass – Global sightseeing pass (London, United Kingdom)

creative corporate logo design5

Cloudware – Hosted technology services (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

creative corporate logo design6

Ttag Systems – Telecommunication services (Vaughan, Canada)

creative corporate logo design7

Discount – Conceptual logotype idea (Vilnius, Lithuania)

creative corporate logo design8

Birthdaybox– Birthday registry project (Edmonton, Canada)

creative corporate logo design9

Aerogram-SMS broadcast service (Vaughan, Canada)

creative corporate logo design10

Numberfire– Sports analytics platform (New York, United States)

creative corporate logo design11

Rocket Planet– Space research company proposal (London, United Kingdom)

creative corporate logo design12

Print Britannia

creative corporate logo design13


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